Wirtschaftsmuseum (Museum of Economics), Ravensburg

Familienbildnis Dethleffs : Fridel, Arist mit Ursula Dethleffs


From the Museum:

Interview with Bernd Riedle,
the nephiew of Arist Dethleffs. He first was Managing Director of the Dethleffs GmbH and afterwards Member of the Central Executive Board of the company group: Thrun-Eicker - TE / Hymer - Hymer France / Dethleffs

Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann

Family portrait Dethleffs : Fridel, Arist with Ursula Dethleffs

1936 oil canvas 100 x 75 cm catalogue no. 152034

Loan of the Dethleffs art collection to the Wirtschaftsmuseum (Museum of Economics) Ravensburg

The original artwork is an eyecatcher in the Museum of Economics – the Dethleffs family stands for the unique, personal engagement in Upper Swabia for economy, art and politics.

Photo and copyright of the photo: anja koehler |anderart.de

View in the berth of the Dethleffs exhibition Ausstellung Dethleffs

Glass cabinet with old riding whips and skiing sticks from the sports accessory factory Dethleffs (founded in 1832) and an old model from the caravan factory (founded in 1931).
Model of the Dethleffs Vagant – first built for a ship owner with bath tub and double entrance door.
The family portrait on the original easel of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann, below the slides with old photos from 23 photo albums of the Dethleffs family