Politik - Since 53 years in the CDU politically engaged

Bernd Riedle had grown up in a political family: His parents had read Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and anticipated the consequences. The family lived in Ulm. The town was until 1945 largely bombed. The father of Hans and Sophie Scholl, Robert Scholl, was in Ulm since 1945 mayor. He called at the time the father of Riedle for the first head of the construction office in Ulm. Bernd Riedle was Humboldt-Gymnasium in Ulm not a good pupil. Nevertheless, he was elected class president, later Head Boy. In addition, he founded the student magazine "Hopp-Gym" - first only for his own school, then also for the girls' high school. In the "Political work among the high schools", he was member: The district was founded by Heinrich August Winkler, a classmate and especially the nephew of the member of the Bundestag and later Chancellor of Germany, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Erhard. HA Winkler, today well-known professor of Modern History was, even then the entree to many MPs and ministers from all parties. Even President Lübke accepted his invitation to come to Ulm. In most small circle of pupils the fear of prominence was reduced in direct talks. After graduation Riedle entered 1962 in the CDU-Ulm. Today - in 2015 - he has been a member of the CDU for 53 years. In all the years he was committed to the goals of the CDU and thus not first the party, but all citizens. Today this is atypical, but Riedle and for many of his acquaintances, it was then a matter of course. After the beginning of the study of economics in Tübingen, he was elected in 1962 there as Chairman of the Ring-Christian Democratic student. In 1963 he moved to the University in Munich. He belonged to the Board of RCDS Bavaria.

In early May 1963 the Assembly of Delegates met in Regensburg. Guest was Minister of Defense Franz Josef Strauss, CSU. Back then Minister Strauss because of the Spiegel affair in the crossfire of criticism. Riedle himself had previously defended Strauss weeks in an event before Munich students against attacks - MP Erler (SPD) his opponent had been on the podium. Later it became known that the errors made by FJ Strauss were as big as a minister that he was no longer to defend. Therefore asked Riedle Minister Strauss in Regensburg first after the veracity of his previous statements. Strauss lectured Riedle according to the report in Der Spiegel (29/63) brutally from - as well as all other students: He - Strauss - have told the truth in the Bundestag
1968 Riedle had come to Dethleffs to Isny. To 1977 he was appointed honorary judge at the administrative court Sigmaringen. Through his move to Tabbert Bad Kissingen, he had to resign the honorary office. Only in 1991 - after his departure from the CMC - he was able to politically use full again: he took 1991 to the election of the Chairman of the CDU local federation Isny. It was then discussed very controversial in Isny: If the leading right through the old town of Isny are B12 maintained for the benefit of traders or good is a ring road to all citizens of Isny ​​more

Riedle advocated the construction. His uncle, Fritz Lämmert in Tübingen, Baumeister governmental Bureau Tübingen had, for many years previously acquired in Isny ​​for the ring road. Riedle's commitment to the project has been in the municipal elections - heavily criticized - 1991st He was elected as the last on the CDU list in the municipal council. Thanks to the support by S.D. Paul Prince of Quadt, numerous conversations with decision-makers in state and federal governments have been led by Riedle personally in the course of many years: as with District Administrator G. Blaser, Secretary of State J. Dreier (MDL), Minister R. Köberle (MDL), Prime Minister L . Späth (MDL), Federal Minister of Transport M. Wissmann (MP) and Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl (MP). Our goal, which Isnyer Altstadt to exonerate the ring road from the traffic was not understood at first. Had not previously enforced vociferously and successfully against the construction of the highway near Isny ​​the party GREEN from Isny. Therefore lacked understanding - first Isny ​​had refused discharge from Isny ​​through the nearby highway, later called on the CDU of Isny's own beltway with expensive tunnel !

On 30 September 1994, the regional plan Upper Swabia was approved with the ring road B 12 Isny. From 2006 to 2008 it was built in Isny ​​for € 32 million. The inauguration in July 2009 was a great success for Isny, for the CDU and for Riedle - even if he was not invited to the inauguration In the council was Riedle financial spokesman.. In order to meet the Un-differences booking systems Doppik and Kameralistik, he compared in his computer the most important figures in both systems. At work, it turned him once the question of whether the business tax had been under-reported by nearly 2 million DM in the budget of the municipality. If the fear was true, then the council would have been misinformed at one of the main figures for Isny ​​by the city council!

As well as its further control calculations confirmed the error, he asked the council for an explanation. Mayor, chamberlain Rist, Group Chairman and much councilors thought it was completely false and rejected the request. Even the district administration - as supervisory authority - declined. To solve the problem, then Riedle commissioned Prof. Dr. Püttner - the authority for the problem in Baden-Württemberg - at his own expense with a legal opinion. Prof. Püttner confirmed the criticism Riedle. Then the district administration could not prevent the community Testing Institute has been turned on. The result, & nbsp; hidden behind many other reports, two years later handed over to the Mayor. It was only on the demand of GM Steiner, SPD,
Riedle confirmed Mayor Behrning that according to community testing institute had been correct criticism of Riedle himself never received the report , His request was rejected by the mayor and district office because he would no longer be a member of the municipal council now. (In this case the report covered the period of his ten-year Municipal Council activity.)

Previously had confirmed his intention to run for a third council period Riedle. When drawing up the list of candidates of the CDU but the chairman S. Mechler declared surprising that he and his 4 colleagues Dr. Sochor, Peter Dorn, Peter Manz and bird-Beuren will not run if Riedle would run again. Of course Riedle could compete despite this intrigue against the CDU. The consequence would have been that the party had been split shortly before the election. That had to damage the CDU. As a member of the CDU - time for 42 years - did not want to be responsible for the Riedle. He renounced the candidacy and moved from Isny ​​to CDU CDU Kreisverband Ravensburg.