Part 3 Newly built gallery Dethleffs - 1971

The two new gallery building as an extension to the Built around 1937 House

Left: the construction as a new representative reception building, next to the attached flat roof hall with exhibition booths Right: the house built around 1937th

The representative hall in the two-storey building

Looking At two-storey hall:

Welcoming the visitors in the hall in front of the large windows overlooking the park with a friend of the family Dethleffs, Mr Rudolf Köberle Minister A.D. Ravensburg-Fronreute
View of the back of the hall - v below paintings of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann, above tapestries Ursula Dethleffs
fireplace with leather sofa - the background painting of the family of Mrs. Dethleffs-Edelmann
on the leather sofa with a view to the gallery - to the gallery tapestries of Ursula Dethleffs
passage from the hall to the flat and spiral staircase to the gallery with tapestries by Ursula Dethleffs

The low-rise building of the gallery with the exhibition berths

Looking At exhibition berths in the flat:

visitors in an exhibition of Ursula Dethleffs with tapestries
Exhibition by Ursula Dethleffs sculptures and reliefs of object art - in the background of their exhibition of glass paintings
Looking to the entrance hall at the exhibition Ursula Dethleffs
View of early watercolors by F. Dethleffs-Edelmann
Looking through the top window on the residence Dethleffs
View of early tapestries of Ursula Dethleffs

In the basement of the hall, the workshop by Ursula Dethleffs

Left: Workbench with electric kiln for ceramics - sculpture, relief, etc.

Right: workspace on the presses for wood, linoleum, etc

Input and output to the new gallery buildings

Almost hidden was the access to the exhibition rooms in the gallery buildings. Left the house Dethleffs with the window of the studio of F. Dethleffs-Edelmann

The view from the garden to the two-storey gallery building to house Dethleffs

of house and gallery on Fridel-Dethleffs-Way 1 on 30.4.2012.