Part 2 House Dethleffs - New 1936

Oma Ursula and Fridel on wheelbarrows - in distance the shell of the house
Fridel and Ursula debunk basket against the open seat of her house

The new house Dethleffs in Isny arises


The large window on the far right - located to the north - was specially designed and built for working Fridel Dethleffs Edelmann in the studio. The staircase led up to the front door. To the left of the rounded wooden door of the garage. In addition, a simple door to the equipment room, which was actually used in the war as a cowshed. Grass that time there were anywhere but the milk had become valuable.

Entrance area

Although the wall and ceiling were covered with wood, and the floor was covered with Solenhofener plates, but everything was in Dethleffs much simpler than anyone imagined at a manufacturing family.

Living room

Much sunlight with the view to the south in the park - that was pure nature. But here no pomp, no enormous spaces to ostentatious in front of guests, the simple furniture, simple sideboard and then, however, the paintings that were exchanged again.

dining room

Unique and valuable was here, however, the ceramic wall relief under the window. There were pottery, 36 individually painted and fired ceramic tiles by F. Dethleffs- Edelmann themes from the life of Ursula Dethleffs -1931 to 1939: Details see VMS number. 195 001

Winter Garden

Built was the conservatory as "open space". For the chilly weather in Isny an outside space was not optimal - he was soon rebuilt in the enclosed sun room with windows Ursula bought the wooden horse of a carousel - it was a long time as the center in the conservatory until 1971 in the hall of the new studios moved.

Studio of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann

In the middle of the window front her large desk, left the large closet for art supplies, right sideboard. Hidden in the background stood the easel, which is now on loan to the Museum for Economic Ravensburg together with the painting "Family Portrait" VMS number. 152,034 of 1936th

The parents' bedroom

The room itself corresponded to how the whole edifice of sober objectivity. Everything was worked dignified without any pomp. The nicest thing about the room was the view of the swimming pool in the park-like garden. On the right is the cultivation of newstudios with flat and house. The swimming pool was not heated. Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann swam here into old ageand well into the cool autumn.

The room of Ursula

Ursula took her room almost only for sleeping and reading: they mostly worked in the studio or in the workroom or - when she was sewing tapestries - in the living room. Ursula loved to come directly out of the room to the balcony, only to enjoy the greenery of the large garden.