Part 1: Family Dethleffs Privat (1919-1996)

1914 Confirmation

Before WW1 picture of the recorded in the church Fridel Edelmann (15 years), who later became the wife of Arist Dethleffs. Arist was 8 years younger than Fridel; he was accepted only after the World War II in the church. His photo of the rite we lack.

Photos of the master student at the Baden Art School in Karlsruhe, Arist as a student in Switzerlan

Fridel Edelmann: passport photo, in casual wear, engagement photo After finishing school in Isny Arist moved to Switzerland. His godfather was presiding judge in Berne (from him comes the first name Arist). He recommended his protégé, studying at the Technical School in Geneva. That was the basis for the construction of his caravans. Since graduating in French. Switzerland he spoke excellent French.

Wedding of Arist Dethleffs and Fridel Edelmann in Karlsruh

The Witnesses in Cabriolett to the registry office in Karlsruhe
Arist and Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann after marriage before Schedelhof (registry office)
Fridel and Arist on the trip to Isny.

At parents Edelmann in Ottersweier

Fridels brother William died young of tuberculosis, Fridels parents were alone thereafter. Therefore Fridel and Arist moved to the wedding for family Edelmann after Ottersweier Baden. After her husband's death drew grandmother = Gogge Edelmann probably 1938 in the newly built house Dethleffs Isny. (Arist Dethleffs should have developed at a barn in Ottersweier design drawings of the first residential cars in original size. Sorry, no photos were found.)

House Edelmann - before the residential car Fridel, Ursula, grandma Edelmann, Arist.
Photos of little Ursula:
with Fridel, law, grandma (usually called Gogge).

Fridel with Ursula splashing

Mutter und Tochter: im Schluchsee-Schwarzwald
Beide am Strand vom Schluchsee mit Wassereimer.

1936 / 1937
The house Dethleffs is built in Isny

Oma Ursula and Fridel on wheelbarrows - in distance the shell of the house
Fridel and Ursula debunk basket against the open seat of her house.

family happiness

Ursula Dethleffs with five years
Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann reads in the living room - on the wall next to her hangs the portrait of Arist. Behind the standard lamp their "self-portrait". The decor is spartan or Swabian easy.
paintings by F. Dethleffs-Edelmann: "Arist" VMS 152056 - painted 1934
"Self-portrait in red dress" VMS 152200-painted 1929
Christmas surprise in the living room: The Christkind met Ursula's greatest wish: a bicycle

Position command for Arist Dethleffs - threat of war?

Arist Dethleffs in uniform in front of the entrance to the new house.
marching music and crowds glorify war. The only child Ursula likes to be in the bustle. Fridel commented the image dry "May 1 in the Nazi Reich"
war production - Ursula in the whip factory Dethleffs. Boys - barely older than Ursula - work in production
Outdoor seating: - Ursula proximity enjoys on his mother's lap.
Christmas room with an overflowing gift table: Ursula forward with doll in her arms, rear right her mother in mind: for as a gift Arist the watercolor of Fridel "Yellow Chrysanthemums" 1932
WVZ: 102006


The father goes to war



Arist Dethleffs must the military of the 3rd Reich - farewell to Ursula and Fridel

Ursula with "Mutle" and "Vatle" - these are the nicknames of Ursula for her parents

Fridel and Ursula read the letter from the front of the Father
Arist on leave in hearty leather pants when gardening with the Barefooted Ursula

Isny - been barely touched by war

Ursula on the swing in front of house
The sunflower

35th birthday of Arist

For his 35th birthday receives Arist furlough. The gifts to the birthday tables are more numerous than in 1943 was to be expected during the war. The gifts were even drawn, painted or baked. Ursula is serious with an apple in his hand between the seated father and her cousin.

the gifts of Fridel: two portraits daughter Ursula.
Ursula is serious with an apple in his hand between the seated father and her cousin.

(Kopie 1)

Arist Dethleffs with Bart on leave

Arist in his office before the winter landscape of Friedel VMS number. 101250 1923
WVZ: 101250, 1923
Ursula took her father full in fitting - she fits well and he can no longer go to war!

Arist has returned home unharmed! Fridel has again Muse to paint. Ursula is model

Ursula is model in the studio of her mother against a locked cabinet with the valuable art supplies
Ursula holds the portrait of her high for the assessment: VMS: 153 044 from 1945th
The painting shows alone Ursula with her bear - no flowers, no landscape - Ursula confidently and clearly
The elderly Ursula on the way through puberty.
"Ursula painted in Buchenberg" VMS number. 152071
Albert Dethleffs

End of WW2 war: House Dethleffs had been seized by the French army.

The three Dethleffs were expelled from Isny and quartered in Buchenberg bei Kempten. There were probably two or three years. The so far only dating of "exile" gives the oil painting of Fridel-Dethleffs-Edelmann "Ursula painted in Buchenberg" .The picture was painted in Buchberg and dated 1948th

Complicated family relationships:
Manufacturer Albert Dethleffs, Arists father lived for decades in his apartment building in the Reiffen-Street in Isny - even during the "exile" of the family Dethleffs-Edelmann to Buchenberg. The family of his daughter Ilse Riedle, born Dethleffs, he allowed to build a small house in his garden to escape the bombing of Ulm in WW2.
The portrait of Albert Dethleffs (see above) in 1947 was painted by Adolf Martin. His daughter Fridel other hand, has never portrayed him.

(Kopie 2)

Bishop Dr. Wurm visiting Fam Dethleffs - Ursula in agriculture

Bishop Dr. Wurm with his wife visited family Dethleffs
Confirmation Image by Ursula Dethleffs
Mother and daughter on the way to Frankfurt for caravans Fair
Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann at her easel in the studio
Ursula helps farmers working in the fields, but they get hay for her cow in the barn next to the garage.
Skiing learned Ursula with her father and with the Olympic champion Christl Cranz in Steibis - not far from Isny.
Ursula watchdog Wolluk bared to all visitors his teeth, who wanted to come in Ursula's close.
Admirers were kept at distance unfortunately also by the dominant personalities of father and mother.

Ursula breaks away from the family - a little

The private studio for Ursula

Left:At the entrance to the house a second garage had been built before the war.The snow removal to the upper garage had become the master of the house in winter too troublesome. In this garage with workshop the own realm of Ursula was built in 1951: A small studio with a skylight, with a large work desk to the windows overlooking the garden, with iron coal stove and with many drawers and shelves in the sideboards on the walls. Here she could work undisturbed and celebrate with their artist friends celebrations.

Right: When Ursula moved to 1971 in the new studio, she managed in the old studio space for her herd of horses. A real horse they had always wanted. This was rejected because of the many trips with parents. But they had collected throughout the game Horses thus had a home.

Dream car: BMW 501 white with red leather upholstery

Right: When Ursula moved to 1971 in the new studio, she managed in the old studio space for her herd of horses. A real horse they had always wanted. This was rejected because of the many trips with parents. But they had collected throughout the game Horses thus had a home.

Arist Dethleffs turns 50

Arist Dethleffs was the pioneer entrepreneurs like him, the Economist and Professor Schumpeter desired. For the new holiday and leisure feeling in the twentieth century, he developed the first new technique for caravans and simultaneously thereby fulfilled the wishes of his wife and many families. Both – fridel and Arist - had been awarded for their achievements in business, art and society, the Order of Merit.
Is there a second family, which established a new industry (caravans), while even a lifetime professional and not "only" was engaged as artistic patron?

On Latefoss waterfall in Norway
On the Charles Bridge in Prague

Ursula restarted alone in a caravan on the road - but only for a short time

Together traveled since 1934. Father, mother and daughter with her caravan through many countries. At 26, Ursula went first alone with her new VW Karmann Ghia and the small Beduin to Norway, later to Prague - to artist friends

Arist Dethleffs 60 years

Right: "The Red Building" was built at the beginning of the last century for the whip factory. Since 1936, there was also the starting point for the production of caravans. Later, the "White building came about. Then, the paint for the aluminum body of the caravan.

Left: Before the final phase of construction - in the background - is Arist Dethleffs. In the basement, the band production could be accelerated. In series here Dethleffs Camper (folding caravans) are built. During about the expensive Dethleffs models arise as a single production in the floor. This rationalization would soon follow as the next step here. But the business has become difficult for Dethleffs. Sooner old factory building had been a clear advantage. Now owned competitors mostly newly established caravan factories that produced in the new halls. These were much faster and cheaper than the old business. Price competition became sharper and sharper. This could be dangerous for Dethleffs.

Sale of the company Dethleffs to Messrs W. Thrun and Jakob Eicker

Wolfgang Thrun, the gifted self-made entrepreneur, the company belonged Thrun-Eicker together with the successful cabinetmaker Jakob Eicker - built caravan in Oedt. Both had their own, young companies "Kiel" and "Eicker" merged, which had been established in the postwar period. Wolfgang Thrun was not only entrepreneurs, but also a born salesman. While most caravans companies sold their cars to dealers, Thrun built up its own subsidiaries. Thrun-Eicker was able to sell more caravans than he could produce. Therefore sought Thrun-Eicker an additional factory for caravans. Dethleffs but wanted only a partnership with a company that could also sell the Dethleffs caravan. So - they hoped - Dethleffs would rehabilitated and have secured the future of her daughter Ursula. Thrun-Eicker disagreed. They wanted Dethleffs fast constructive change and produce cheaper. The discussion with the conservative holders they wanted it out of the way. It led them to success faster, only Dethleffs buying completely. At the end of the talks Arist, Fridel and Ursula accepted the offer of Thrun-Eicker. With the proceeds they built their daughter, the artist Ursula Dethleffs, a large studio with a gallery next to their house. This should secure the future of the subsidiary. Was it realistic? Artists can work undisturbed in Isny. But an art gallery must sell - how can that be possible in Isny ​​- far away from the centers of Berlin, Munich, Basel etc.? Until the sale of the company's finances were not a problem. But after that the constant inflow of funds was terminated from the profit of the company. Through its own efforts survival was possible only by a miracle. To search for sponsors, was just as difficult. The sponsors remembered the white BMW with red leather upholstery. Therefore, everyone believed: Dethleffs but has money enough. it would have been nice. The miracle did not take place.

Links: the construction as a new representative reception building, next to the attached flat roof hall with exhibition booths
Right: the house built around 1937th

The two new gallery buildings as an extension to the House built around 1937

On the 75th birthday of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann

The jubilarian in the gallery - behind her the painting "Self-portrait in red dress" VMS Nr.152200 painted 1929: 45 years ago. For many years it had its place in the living room - if it was not traveling at exhibitions in Germany or abroad.
Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann has experienced a lot in her life: big joys and bitter defeats. She fought, she accepted joy and sorrow and overcome. Her look exudes serenity and tranquility. She was already prepared for her next disease, the brain tumor? She underwent successful surgery. She could draw again. As for painting with a brush she found no longer the necessary rest.

Father Arist and Daugther Ursula

The family photos are becoming increasingly rare. Finally, we show a happy moment: Ursula to her father with one of the beloved chow page.
Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann died on 24.09.1982, Ursula Dethleffs at 07.05.1994 and Arist Dethleffs on 14.02.1996. All three lived up to its end in Isny

The family grave Dethleffs in Isny