to complete the work directories
of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann and Urula Dethleffs

  • Photos of prevously mapped originals
  • better photos shown for originals
  • far we missing information such as height, width, signing, collections etc.

Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann "Meadow Bouquet of the Hardt Forest" oil VMS Nr.151506

1930 82 x 52 cm, issued Meersburg 1932 frame, signature etc. unknown

Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann "Silk Poppy - Oriental poppy" oil VMS Nr.151507

more data collection and unknown sold at Zeller-Lindau

Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann "Portrait - uncle-Ludwig - or .Onkel Jacob" oil VMS 1929 152403

We are looking for a better photo, title, and all information, such as mass, signing, etc.

The portrait was donated by the artist for an auction of the Kunstverein Karlsruhe. Fridel Edelmann 1929 - portrays both her uncle Ludwig and her uncle Jacob - after their work calendar.

Fridel Dethleffs Edelmann_Wiesenblütenstrauß_Aquarell_um 1940_Rahmen glass-VS-signed, 32x24cm VMS 103100

Sold at A. Zeller, Lindau

We are looking for digital photo, collection, etc.

Ursula Dethleffs, "Wing or the flight of coral" wood relief-object art, around 1988, 1933 VMS no. 2.24.122,

30 x 56 x 5 cm, sold at A. Zeller Lindau

We are looking for digital photo, collection etc.