Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann
Newly found Watercolors 1921 – 1924

Newly found – more than 300 works:

In the nearly inscrutable extensive estate of the two artists, more than 300 photos with information were found recently: These are the works directly sold by the two artists. They are collected in four pop-filled guide folders. Only a few of them are already documented in the Internet gallery Dethleffs.

At the beginning of our work we published the works in Dethleff's Internet Gallery, the origi-nals of which were available after the death of the two artists in the house and studio Dethleffs. Then we recorded works whose photographs we could get from museums and public collections. In addition, collectors have always sent photos of works with data that we had missed so far.

The newly found treasure is now closing many gaps in our work so far. Although the many, old photos are often only black and white, sometimes in very small format, partly also almost illegible. This also means that the names of all buyers are not to be deciphered. Nevertheless, the discovery opens the chance to substantially expand the overview of the work of the two artists.

The publication starts today with watercolors by Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann from the years 1921 to 1924.

The artists' center in the Black Forest

Professors and students of the Badenische Landeskunstschule in Karlsruhe were fascinated by the landscape "Blasiwald" near the Schluchsee for their studies: the nature was untouched, the light to paint excellent. From 1921, Fridel Edelmann was often in the Blasiwald. She had rented a small room in a small farm called "Häusle".

Sometimes she participated in painting and drawing courses by professors, sometimes she worked and greeted with the fellow students Schöpflin, Springer, Wittmer, Sachs and others.

Summer 1921 with Fam. Prof. Höpfner, Wittmer and H. Sachs

Blasiwald-Black Forest
WVZ 103076 Watercolor, 1921
Collection Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe
Blasiwald house
WVZ-Nr. 101101 Watercolor, 1921
Collection Stuttgart RK
In the house Fridel Edelmann had rented her room
Blasiwald-view from the house
WVZ-Nr. 103074 Watercolor, 1921
Collection Schwendi KBuA
WVZ-Nr. 103077 Watercolor, 1921
Collection still unknown
WVZ-Nr. 103078 Watercolor, 1921
Collection still unknown

Ottersweier - the home of the Edelmann family

Fridel was born in Hagsfeld near Karlsruhe. After the father sold his company, the parents with the only daughter Fridel moved to Ottersweier. There she lived for several years with her husband Arist Dethleffs. Ursula was born here in 1933.

Aquarelle from the artist's early travels

Before the Internet was important: most artists learn to travel to the originals of famous artists. Traveling, whether to works of art, to landscapes or to friends, lay in the blood of Fridel Edelmann. During her studies, she mainly visited her friends. (Later, she asked her husband, Arist Dethleffs, to build a caravan to paint in nature, which was the beginning of the caravan history in Germany.)

At Hermann and Emmy Tiebert: April 1922 in Isny-Ried / Allgäu
Both Tieberts were close friends of art from Karlsruhe. They had bought a farmhouse at Isny. Fridel visited the two in Isny, long before she married the Isnyer Arist Dethleff in 1931.

Cross-country skiing in the Allgäu: Fridel right, Emmy Tiebert left
WVZ-Nr. 101136 Watercolor, 1922
Collection Dethleffs / Riedle
Landscape in the Allgäu
WVZ-Nr. 103079 Watercolor, 1922
Collection Freiburg Fam.R

Summer 1923 Island of Borkum on the North Sea with Prof. Höpfner and his family:

Borkum was an attraction for the artists because of its artistically unique light conditions. In 1923, Fridel Edelmann painted many of her famous watercolors in Borkum. Then she drove over Harpstedt near Bremen, Eichenberg near Kassel to Weilheim to her friend.

Borkum beach baskets early morning
WVZ-Nr. 103084 Watercolor, 1923
Collection still unknown

Family Finkbeiner-Waiblinger in Weilheim an der Teck

Fridel's friend, Waiblinger, had married Pastor Finkbeiner. They had always invited Fridel. The two women painted and drew close ties.

Town hall of Weilheim with fountain at the Rathausplatz
WVZ-Nr. 103081 Watercolor, 1923
Collection still unknown
Aichelberg near Weilheim
WVZ-Nr. 103082 Watercolor, 1923
Collection Weilheim Waiblinger

From July 1924 in Mittenwald-Oberbayern

In Mittenwald, she only had time for a watercolor. Then she broke up on her first journey to Italy, which began in the Dolomites and then led her to Venice via Portofino, Florence and Pisa.

In autumn, she studied woodcutting with Prof. Würtenberger; in 1925 she became a master student with a studio in Westendstr. 81 from Karlsruhe.



View from the Oytal to the Höfats-Oberstdorf
WVZ-Nr. 103088 Watercolor, 1924
Collection still unknown

To be continued: In one of our next exhibitions we will show you the works that were created during the above-mentioned art journey: first in the Dolomites, then in Portofino, Florence and Pisa. Venice was then their final destination.