Chronicle of the familiy Riedle-Dethleffs

As a nephew of Arist Dethleffs I am responsible for the estate of the family Dethleffs. My most important task is to publish the works of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann and Ursula Dethleffs on the Internet. The result is the "Gallery Dethleffs".

Before that, I was for the Caravan factory Dethleffs, later for Tabbert and thereafter for the CMC - as Managing Director - with the subsidiary Dethleffs. I am grateful to my uncle Arist Dethleffs for its pioneering work in developing the first caravan in Germany.

My political commitment meant that I - since more than 50 years - occurring as a member of the CDU in the context of this party for the whole.

The short family chronicle summarizes important together.

Bernd Riedle

Chapter 1: Company

Chapter 2: Policy

Chapter 3: Foundation Dethleffs