Chronicle of the familiy Riedle-Dethleffs

As a nephew of Arist Dethleffs I am responsible for the estate of the family Dethleffs. My most important task is to publish the works of Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann and Ursula Dethleffs on the Internet. The result is the "Gallery Dethleffs".

Previously, I was responsible for Dethleff's caravan business for 10 years and later for Tabbert for several years. After that, I was appointed Central Managing Director for the CMC with several subsidiaries owned by Wolfgang Thrun, Erwin Hymer and Jakob Eicker. One of these subsidiaries was Dethleffs. After 10 years, I said goodbye to the CMC, which, after years of difficulty, became the largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles in Europe.

My political involvement has meant that for more than 50 years, as a member of the CDU, I stand for the cause of this party. & nbsp;

The short family chronicle summarizes important things. & nbsp;

Chapter 1: Company

Chapter 2: Policy

Chapter 3: Foundation Dethleffs