From dream to reality

In 1931, married the artist Fridel Edelmann and the manufacturer's son Arist Dethleffs. Soon after the wedding, Arist began to develop the first residential car for his wife, which she had dreamed of as early as 1924. In her diary from the years of study in Karlsruhe, she had registered long before the wedding: I wish for a residential car. Then I can paint in nature without obstacles.

At that time, she had not been able to "imagine" how many technical and commercial problems had to be overcome for the development and production of a new residential car: everything had to be completely redesigned, developed, bought and built. There were no templates.

But a year later, the residential car was tested at the maiden voyage. It was the start of the fire baptisms this and all subsequent tests Caravans from Dethleffs famil