1934: The first trip of the Dethleffs (with baby) in a flat car

The 3 Dethleffs:

1934 Arist Dethleffs was 26 years old - born in Isny at 3.2 in 1908 (his first name Arist comes from his godfather Arist); his sister Ilse Dethleffs Riedle was 2 years older. High school in Isny, technical school in Switzerland, then junior partner in his father's factory - initially on sale for Dethleffs whips and ski poles. Later on, the development and construction of caravans in their own area - his father loved cars, but no residential car. After 1945, Chairman of the Association of German Caravan entrepreneurs; 1. Protestant chairman of the CDU in Württemberg-Hohenzollern; to finance organizer of the artist group secession Oberschwaben Lake Constance - SOB   Painting: F. Dethleffs-Edelmann: 152056_Detail_Arist Dethleffs in Ottersweier_Oil-cardboard_1934


1934 Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann 35 years old - born in Hagsfeld at Karlsruhe on 30/11/1899 - artistic successes see biography; her father in law was not amused about the marriage. Fridel bore instead of a son heir granddaughter Ursula. Moreover Fridel steered his son on the whip and fabrication of poles of the father - she motivated Arist to develop a living-car. Fridel had in 1924 requested a living-car for painting outdoors. Only a few years later it became clear that the fulfillment of their desire also led to business success. Gemälde: F. Dethleffs-Edelmann 152100 Detail von: Myself in Malkutte Oil-Canvas 1932 Collection: Pinakothek der Moderne - München Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung

1934 Ursula Dethleffs was just 9 months old at the departure with the residential car. She was born on 06/07/1933 in Ottersweier. Only completely enthusiastic caravan fans could dare take her own baby in this 88-day journey in the new living-car. Fortunately, Ursula was robust. Although many considered this irresponsible parents and Gogge have retained (= grandmother) right: it has not harmed Ursula. Her first birthday she celebrated on the day after returning with their beloved Gogge in Ottersweier.

By the way: from the small Ursula there we d'ont find - unlike her father and mother - of 1934  an oil painting, so I selected  F. Dethleffs-Edelmann_172032_Portrait Ursula_Pencil drawing_about 1933