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Artwork of the Months September 2017

Dompteuse of snakes
Ursula Dethleffs, 234015,
Back glass Picture, 1975

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The sick artist = The first medical history

From 1948 - Ursula Dethleffs was then 15 years - these two self-portraits come from. Ursula suffered from a painful inflammation of the left eye.

The first self-portrait WVZ.Nr. 251012 is more important, because it shows the sick Ursula in unpainted reality. For a 15-year-old, this is a surprise. Perhaps she knew from an art book of the parents the self-portrait of V. van Gogh with the connected ear. The fear makes the right eye look frozen. The background is black - their loneliness is further enhanced by the ghostly structure of the white curtain next to her head.

What is also important is that both paintings differ strongly from the portraits painted by her mother Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann around 1948. The influence of the mother as a painter on her daughter was great; But it can be seen in the first picture neither in the subject, nor in technology, nor in the color selection.

Both paintings are painted in oil. Later, Ursula will almost say good-bye to oil painting: it was the mother's profession with which she believed she could not compete.

The second medical history = The sick cousin of Ursula

In April 2017, the publisher of the "Galerie-Dethleffs" became ill with a facial nerve (herpes zoster). He spent nine days in the hospital in Lindenberg. The disease was caused by stress. In the hospital, he was treated with 10 infusions daily. Then he was released home.

Meanwhile, the 3 most powerful drugs against herpesviruses, for pain and antibiotics were gradually discontinued. The infection is no longer visible on his head. The problem lies invisible under the skin: in the nerves. There are no complete healing methods for the disease. The happiness was with Bernd Riedle: the illness is recognized from Dr. Morgen (Isny) and the family doctor S. Wieder in the first stage. Therefore, the possible impairments to the eyes and ears have not occurred. It is not foreseeable how long the - sometimes massive consequences - continue. Especially since the stress because of the work for the Galerie Dethleffs, for a sick family member and others can not be prevented. (We'll see if the disease is already smart enough to distinguish between negative stress and positive stress.)

I would like to thank all your heartfelt wishes. I would love to thank everyone! Please understand that this is not possible.

Bernd Riedle, 1 August 2017

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