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Artwork of the Months July

Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann
Siberian poppy
Oil on canvas varnish , 1930
CID: 151611

New in July: The painting & quot; Siberian Poppy & quot; will be presented in July with the photo of the now restored painting. Under the WVZ-Nr. 151611 it is also shown twice in the collection: The old photo of the June with the still not restored painting stands next to the new photo of the restored work. The difference is clear.

The publisher of Galerie Dethleffs is seriously ill.
He tries to continue his work as far as the doctors allow. 5 April 2017

The new exhibition with rediscovered flower paintings in oil could still be published in early June despite the illness. June 2nd

Sale from private ownership: in good hands

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